Elaine Hsu Illustration
Illustrator, designer, sleeper-inner.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hello! (Who are you?)

I’m Elaine Hsu, and I’m an illustrator based in Toronto. I’m also a Graphic Designer and Art Director with over a decade of experience, having worked mainly in the film, television, and music industry.

I currently work as a Senior Artist at toy company Sago Mini, where I get to hang out with cute kids and draw cartoon animals all day.

Are you available for freelance work?

My full-time job keeps me super-busy (and mostly unavailable) but drop me a note and say hello in any case.

Do you sell prints of some of your work?

Not yet! I’m trying to find a decent service that won’t cost a small fortune in shipping and customs costs.

Are you active on social media?

The only platform I’ve not completely neglected is my Instagram page.

So! Do you like… stuff?

I love vintage children’s books, cartoons and toys. I’m a sucker for mid-century modern design and anything orange or turquoise coloured. I grew up idolizing artists like Mary Blair, Charles Schultz, Chuck Jones, and every illustrator at MAD Magazine. (Except for the “Lighter Side Of…” guy. I always skipped over those.) Half of the things I say are Simpsons quotes. As I kid, I wanted to be Shortround from Temple of Doom when I grew up. (I’m still hoping for that.)